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            Are you considering Divorce or Just been served with Divorce papers? Have children but were never married to your children's mother? Is your Ex trying to raise your child support or  refusing to let you see your kids? Want custody of your children? Want to increase your visitation or change custody? Maybe your trying to defend your self from a false allegation of domestic violence or a contempt of court for failure to pay child support. Owe back child support? Ex trying to garnish your wages or suspend your drivers license? Been served with restraining orders? Perhaps you have an old case with issues that need to be corrected and/or modified? Have an attorney but don't really know if he/she is handling your case right? Have questions? Confused, frustrated, angry? Can't sleep at night? Tired of losing? Want to take your case to the next level?  Want to know exactly where you stand on all issues right now? 

We have the answers and help you need!

Fathers Freedom Rights Survival Guide is the most widely read and respected information available anywhere on the subject of Fathers Rights. This guide has literally changed the lives of thousands of fathers all over the United States, Canada and other English speaking countries. This is the Original Fathers Freedom Rights Survival Guide and is updated weekly to include the new laws, recent changes to laws and revised court procedures. 
        What you need now more than anything is correct and legally useful information. Information that will help you understand the problems you are facing and how to correct them. You need the truth!  The truth about your Ex, your children, your attorney, the court, the Judge, the mediator, support enforcement, and the entire family law legal system. The Fathers Freedom Rights Survival Guide is the truth. It will specifically answer all of your questions and help you form a strategy for resolving those problems. So, don't worry about who will be your attorney or who will help you with court paperwork. Those are easily acquired services once you have the right information. More important now is your understanding of the Family court system. And the best part is: If you purchase the guide and your problem is not specifically addressed
(which is very unlikely), then e-mail me and I will personally answer your question. I am more than willing to help you.

Family law cases stay open until there are no issues of children, money, property or other related issues. In other words, your search for information is not just about your current legal problem. It’s not just about “NOW”. It’s about the future! This likely will not be the last time you experience a family law problem with your ex. The Father’s Freedom Rights Survival Guide will help you be prepared! Remember, Family law works much differently than other forms of law. You must take the time to learn how the court works. If not, no attorney or other legal professional can ever help you. So, take the time to learn. You can be sure your EX has! 

  The Fathers Freedom Rights Survival Guide is a simple and easy to understand e-book, written especially for men. This complete guide contains radical and shocking information on all Family Law issues that is not available anywhere on the net or in bookstores!  Subjects covered are: The Truth about Family Law and Attorney’s, Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child and Spousal Support, Restraining orders, Contempt of court, Move-Away Issues and Child Support Enforcement problems. Everything you need to know about family law issues is contained in this guide. This guide is considered the "Fathers Freedom Rights" Bible and will change the way you think about your case and Family court forever!  Also, the guide is not available in bookstores! It is exclusively available through this website http://www.DaddyO.Biz and can be instantly downloaded in a matter of seconds! The information in the guide is good in all 50 States!

Some of the subjects covered are:

Divorce for Men- This chapter deals specifically with action’s men can take to assure themselves of a fair and equitable divorce. It also discusses the top five mistakes that men make when facing divorce and much more. How to make settlement agreements, How to protect your assets, How you can minimize the negative impact of divorce and more.

Child Support- Everything you need to know is explained in a plain and simple, easy to understand manner. You will learn how child and spousal support are calculated. You will also learn 5 ways to lower your child support. Also discussed is new spouse income, child-care, employee business expenses, health insurance and tax filing status and much more. You will also learn how to file for a court hearing to lower your support. Do you have an Ex that refuses to work or works "under the table"? We will show you how to stop her in her tracks!

Spousal Support- There are several new laws that now affect the calculation of spousal support. There are also new laws that restrict the length of time a spouse can receive spousal support. The courts have gotten very strict recently on spouses (women) that refuse to go to work and become self supporting. Is you ex co-habitating (living with) with another man? Is she earning more money now that when the original order for support was made? These are just a few of the new rules that would allow you file for a court hearing to either modify and/or terminate spousal support.

Child Support Enforcement (DA)- Learn how to deal with the District Attorney (or Child Support Enforcement Agencies) in support matters. This is a thorough examination of State and Federal Child Support Enforcement agencies and their role in support determination and enforcement. You will learn how you can maximize your relationship with the support officers. Learn how to request a full accounting and payment history of your support account. Learn how to protect and avoid detection of your financial assets.  This sections deals with everything from Stopping driver’s license and professional license suspensions to getting your licenses back; Also covered are tax intercepts and terminating 50% wage garnishments, passport revocation and avoiding jail time.

Child Custody & Visitation- Learn how the family court determines who gets custody and/or visitation of your children. You will learn strategies on how to be successful in mediation sessions. Learn how to increase your visitation time-share and how to change custody. You will learn how to get 50/50 time share with Joint legal and physical custody. You will learn how to stop your ex from brainwashing your child. Also included is information and external links on PAS. (Parental Alienation syndrome)

Move-away Issues- Learn how to get your children back from another state when your spouse has moved away. Learn how to restrain your spouse from moving away. You will learn the legal elements the court considers when determining a move-away case. There are new new and improved laws involving move-away cases that are favorable to Fathers.

Contempt of Court- Learn how to file contempt of court charges against a spouse who does not comply with court orders. Learn how to keep that spouse from breaking court orders in the future. You will learn the 4 legal burdens that must be met to get a conviction on contempt of court. You will learn 4 defenses when responding to Contempt. You will learn how to "purge" a contempt charge.

Restraining orders - This is the most abused system in family court today! Bogus restraining order or orders of protection based on false allegations of violence and/or threat is ruining the lives of families across the country!  However, there are now news ways to fight back! Learn how to get  a "mutual" restraining order and how file for an emergency next day hearings. Learn how to separate issues of custody and visitation from the restraining order. You will learn the real truth behind domestic violence restraining orders how to defend yourself at a restraining order hearing. You'll even learn how to respond to false allegations of domestic violence or sexual abuse. Learn how to neutralize a restraining order or order of protection. Learn what to do if the EX calls 911! Learn what to say to law enforcement if necessary.

 The Truth About Family Law and Attorneys - This section contains shocking information about family court and family law attorneys. You will learn why family court operates completely different from other forms of civil law.  You will learn how to help yourself. If you do need an attorney you will learn how to direct him/her towards a positive legal outcome. This is radical inside information that family law would never want you to know! Further, the information contained in this guide is mostly state specific and therefore correct in all 50 States. The names of the forms, courts and government agencies may differ slightly but the general legal procedures are the same. Don’t forget that the Federal government through various acts of congress have mandated that all states comply with specific federal guidelines related to family laws issues. (i.e. The Welfare Reform Act, The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, The Child Support Enforcement Act, The Parental Responsibility Act etc. etc….)

    The Fathers Freedom Rights Survival Guide is simply the best information any Father could ever receive. It is very very specific and easy to read. I am very excited to be able to offer the Fathers Freedom Rights Survival Guide to you for $50.00. Included are free updates! Family laws change almost weekly therefore we want to make sure you always have the most recent information.  Remember, the Fathers Rights Survival Guide is not just a book. It is legal information and direction that that is continually updated and made available to you for life! If after reading the guide you still have questions or your type of problem is not addressed (unlikely) just just e-mail us and we will be glad to answer your question (s). Finally, many of you have read my personal journey with family court through Blogs on:
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        I had finally won my legal case. As I look back what I really needed was accurate information. Thank god I had the benefit of the information I am offering you today. In addition to the information I really needed a “person.” A person I could talk to! Ask questions? Plan a strategy! Someone that would be there for me! Someone that wasn’t just interested in my money. And it wasn’t until I found such a person that my case really turned around and I was able to recover and be successful. It taught me so much in a very short period of time. I am now asking to become that person in your case! I will be happy to answer any of your legal questions, discuss your feelings and concerns and help you now and in the future. I am willing to help you in anyway just as I was helped. Stop losing and start winning today!  You will be amazed at what you can now do armed with this information. Click on http://www.DaddyO.Biz link and get the most powerful fathers freedom rights information available anywhere. You will be so glad you did. And when you have read the guide be sure and contact me and let me help you take your case to the next level!

The Father's Freedom Rights Survival Guide is an "instant download!" once purchased.

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